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Stepped Cable Bridges For Larger Diameter Cables

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Stepped Cable Bridges For Larger Diameter Cables

Ladder type cable bridge is improved and designed according to the relevant foreign information. It has the characteristics of light weight, low cost, distinctive shape, easy installation, good heat dissipation and strong air permeability. It is generally applicable to the laying of larger diameter cables, especially for the laying of high and low voltage cables. The maximum allowable evenly distributed load and deformation of the stepped cable bridge under different span.

    Product Description

    Ladder cable tray is a construction material for cable laying, which is suitable for laying cable bridges with relatively large diameter. The ladder cable bridge is a new type of cable bridge extended by a new design concept, which acts for the maintenance and management of industrial equipment cables. Adopting imported automation technology, it produces products with high consistency, high precision and beautiful appearance, which are suitable for metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, vehicles, ships, hydraulic machinery and other equipment manufacturing and equipment automation production lines.


    The product has a large load-bearing force (6 m spacing without support), convenient construction of a large number of savings in pipe labor costs, green environmental protection can be recycled, fire-resistant flame retardant (ignition point 240 ° to 300 °), corrosion resistance, aging resistance, anti-static, shielding and other characteristics, the service life of up to 50 years. Our company adopts the second generation of "polymer anti-corrosion", breaking through the traditional process of relying on glass fiber and filler to change the performance of anti-materials, through the modification and polymer transformation, through the micro-molecular permeability and micro-foaming technology has a strong anti, can be more enhanced type, well through the equipment to achieve automatic production. Second-generation products from the structure of the middle plus steel village structure, strengthen the bridge bearing capacity and resistance to bending deformation capacity. The product is widely used in chemical industry, gold, petroleum, medicine, transportation, real estate, communication, industry and mining, etc. The main body of the bridge adopts the solid section structure, and is cold-rolled by zinc thick 2mm example plate, and is pressed into the plus type by many repetitions to increase the bridge bearing capacity and the resistance to phase bending deformation, in order to prevent the bridge from acid or deformation phenomenon. The external polymer anti-flame retardant material shall be processed with mature and reliable technology, and the impact of the anti-layer surface layer is high and high; the inner layer is micro-foam closed-hole structure to reduce the weight of the bridge itself and increase the strength of the bridge, and the purpose shall be only acid, salt and other media corrosion resistance未标题-3.jpg4.jpg