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Slot Type Cable Bridge That Can Be Used For Fully Enclosed Cable Laying

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Slot Type Cable Bridge That Can Be Used For Fully Enclosed Cable Laying

Channel cable bridge is a new material bridge products, it is suitable for petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, machinery, transportation, civil construction and other fields, it can replace the current traditional metal bridge, it has long been widely used in the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed regions

    Slotted Cable Tray Selection Points

    Channel cable bridge straight through the standard length of a single piece can be 2, 3, 4, 6 m. Cable bridge in the section with fire requirements, can be added in the cable ladder frame, tray with fire resistance or flame-retardant properties of the plate, network and other materials constitute a closed or semi-closed structure, and take measures such as painting fireproof coating on the surface of the bridge and its support hanger, its overall fire resistance should meet the requirements of the relevant specifications or standards. In the engineering fire requirements of high places, should not use aluminum cable bridges. Slotted cable tray width and height should be selected to meet the requirements of the filling rate: slotted cable tray and its support hanger used in a corrosive environment, should be manufactured using corrosion-resistant rigid materials, or take anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of the engineering environment and durability.


    Slotted cable tray installation points: according to the slotted cable tray laying direction, to the civil engineering, structure professional reserved wall holes, floor holes and hanger installation, the required pre-buried steel plate location and load. Slotted cable bridges should be short and fast, and should be laid along the wall, along the column or along the beam as far as possible. Different voltage, different uses of the cable should not be laid in the same layer of cable bridges within the ground concealed metal trunk wiring, a reasonable determination of the line path and equipment selection. Channel cable bridges should not be laid in parallel with the following pipelines.



    1, Plastic instead of steel In the process of production process than the traditional metal cable bridge saves many processes and steps, in the use of the process, saving a lot of labor costs and energy consumption, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, plastic instead of steel, to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

    2, Anti-wear It is processed with polymer materials, the characteristics of the material determines the smooth surface of the product, and the friction of the cable becomes small, there will be no traditional materials due to burrs scratching the skin of the cable, which leads to cable breakage.


    3, Corrosion resistance Polymer cable bridge adopts special formula and our company's innovative technology, the molecular structure of raw materials has anti-corrosion function, combined with different functional additives, making the product has the quality of corrosion resistance, suitable for special corrosive environment.

    Beautiful and easy to install The product has a good appearance design and its high decorative properties. The product is made of plastic material with strong plasticity, processed by injection and extrusion molding, with good appearance design, through structural optimization design, so that it can be combined at will, with strong decorative properties, overcoming the shortcomings of traditional products with poor appearance and low decorative properties.