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Fireproof Bridges Are Suitable For Power Cables Below 10KV

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Fireproof Bridges Are Suitable For Power Cables Below 10KV

Fireproof bridge is composed of fireproof board compounded by glass fiber reinforced material and inorganic binder with metal skeleton compound and other fireproof substrates. The outer surface of the bridge is coated with fireproof coating with high fire resistance limit and strong adhesion, so that the fireproof bridge will not burn in case of fire, thus blocking the spread of fire. It not only has good fireproof and fire stopping effect, but also has the characteristics of fire resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy installation and long life.

    Product Form

    1. Slotted fire bridges
    2. Ladder type fire bridge
    3. Pallet type fireproof bridges
    4. Large span fire bridge
    5. Fire-resistant wire channel



    Steel plate, inorganic fireproof material

    Surface Treatment

    Fireproof coating, fireproof plastic


    The metal skeleton inside the fireproof bridge is made of high quality cold-rolled plate through mechanical processing, which has the characteristics of high bearing capacity and long service life. The steel skeleton has neat section without burr sharp corner, smooth and flat slot without sharp projection, uniform shape of section after processing and forming, no bending, twisting, cracking, edge and other defects.

    The fireproof board set inside the fireproof bridge is made of inorganic silica material and calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber material, light aggregate, binder and chemical additives, and made by advanced steam pressing technology.

    The fireproof coating on the outer surface of the bridge is a kind of college steel structure protective coating, which is prepared by polymer synthetic resin as the film-forming substance, plus flame retardant, foaming agent, carbonizing agent and high temperature refractory materials. Under the high temperature condition, the coating will have continuous foaming and expansion effect, forming a flexible sponge-like carbonized heat insulation layer, so that the bearing steel structure will not be sharply softened and deformed by the action of high temperature flames, and the strength will not be sharply reduced.